WE ARE EXTREMELY PROUD TO INTRODUCE A NEW ADDITION TO OUR STALLION POWER...and full brother to our other new stallion - "Joker"!!!

Collectable, aka Melvin, has a unique story with us! Even tho Collectable is only
three years old, as a yearling at the AMHA WORLD SHOW he captured our full attention. OH WOW! I was sitting in the stands when IN HE CAME!

He was not for sale at that time, because I followed the trainer right out of the
ring to get more info about this beautiful young stallion. He did not win his
class but did very well, placing near the top in a very large yearling class.
He was perfect. Only problem, he was slightly immature compared to the
horse that won, and to me, a yearling stud should look immature...meaning as a
older stud he will never get bulky or thick. I would have placed him World Champion.

I did research on him and thought, "now that is the stud that I need as an outcross
to our intense Buckeroo line!" The next year he was shown by Mike Rosauer and
won several top awards throughout the season, but due to tooth bumps he did not attend the World Show, and went home.

Long Story short, I was watching the Reece sale and thought I would bid on a pretty
little buckskin mare, and WOULD YOU BELIEVE, as I read the footnotes, she was
bred to YES, YOU ARE RIGHT--The stud of my dreams!!!!!!!!! OH WOW! Now
I got excited. Ravenwood Collectable Medalion had crossed my path yet again,
and guess what, I CALLED THE FARM THAT HAD HIM, and purchased him
within an hour, as I was told they would consider selling him as they were cutting
back, and also have his beautiful full brother who is now showing.

Needless to say, we love Melvin, (just getting used to his barn name), but
watch for his offspring in the future. We really have high expectations for this
beautiful outstanding young stallion.

Collectable stands at 33.5 inches and is double registered. With a personality that everyone would fall in love with, he is best friends with one of our twin 3 year old granddaughters, Kadence.
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