Hunt House Farms Medalian
31.75 Buckskin
Lucky Four Wranglers Buccaneer
29.75 Buckskin
B Springhills Midnight Dream
HSF Serendipity
32.0 Black
Majolicas Leatherwood Dream
         Boy 31.5 Bay Pinto
Lil Ponderosa Taffy
32.5 Dun
Lucky Four Dixie Darlin
32.5 Black
HNFS Wrangler
28.5 Grey Roan
Lil Ponderosa Rex
29.5 Black
Lil Ponderosa Frieda
34.0 Sorrel
Little Kings Leatherwood Buckeroo
32.0 Buckskin
HSF Serendipity
32.0 Black
NFC Rowdys Commander
31.25 Sorrel
Komokos Little Foxy Bay
31.5 Bay
Quartz Lamp Light Vant Huttenest
29.0 Grey Pinto
Shadow Oaks April
32.5 Grey Pinto
Bond Dynamo
32.0 Black Pinto
Lucky Four Vanity Fair
31.0 Bay
Lil Ponderosa King
30.0 Black
Komokos Dock Tallman
28.5 Bay Pinto
Twin Acres Plain Jane
31.5 Dapple Grey
34.0 Bay
Monastary Kings Rave N Beauty
32.0 Black
Brewers Orion Bridesmaid
29.0 Black
G P Khemosabi
31.25 Black Appaloosa
Wittmaacks Freckles
32.0 Palomino
Boones Little Buckeroo
30.5 Buckskin
Lil Ponderosa Star Dust
2011 Foal Triple K Collectable Times 2
Sire: Ravenwood Collectable Medalion
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Hunt House Farms Medalian X  Lucky Four Wranglers Buccaneer
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Ravenwood Collectable Medalion
                  aka Melvin
Hunt House Farms Medalian
2011 foal
Sire Ravenwood Medalion No Laffin Matter
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2012 Smokey Cream
Triple K Jokers Dare To Dream
2012 Colt
Above picture was taken May 2012

Triple K Jokers Dare to Dream
                 ​He only measured 28.5
Dream really did good showing, class of 11 .. He received second under a world judge..
Then third and fourth. He stood up and showed like a SOLDIER!!
The competition was fierce.. This message was from Peas Hill, trainer for Danielle Hill Training Center,
Delaware, she showed Triple K Jokers Dare to Dream at the Julep cup show in Lexington Kentucky,
This was only his second show and he has only been with her for 2 months at the most, the Julep as most
of you know is a very very Hard competitive show, He is a yearling and owned by Cyndi Egbert, Elegance in Miniature,
Sheryll Fike, Fike Miniatures and myself, Triple K Miniatures, (Tami) We all knew that a perlino has to work twice as
hard to be noticed, but we just really truly felt this guy would be noticed, we really think highly of him and so does
Danielle, she said he will only keep getting better and better. DREAM , WE KNOW HE IS GOOD ENOUGH