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Buckeroo Too carries on the tradition of a bloodline with an impeccable
show record and breeding reputation."BTU" is a remarkable, vibrant,
and intelligent example of his "Buckeroo" heritage. His upright stature,
long neck and his coppery buckskin color give him the "Look At Me Look."
               1996 National Champion Stallion, a great legend already.
               Beautiful buckskin color and sire of many winners already!
We raised this beautiful rare ultra refined Double Destiny son.
He is so petite and has a tiny pretty head.
His dam is Cottontails Candy Kiss, he is ultra-refined,
with great movement!
                    Owened by Linda Raindeers, Canada
Little Kings Buck Echo
Alvadars Double Destiny
You all know who he is! I believe he is the greatest miniature stallion
since the miniature horse began.
Without a doubt, Buckeroo is the most well-known miniature stallion in the world today. He holds the unequaled record of winning three National Grand Champion Senior Stallion Titles.He has captured the hearts of all that know him because he possess's the extreme brilliance, style, and athletic ability that is so very difficult to attain in the breeding of miniature horses.
                    "His Progeny Speak For Themselves"
In May of 1998, Buckeroo celebrated his 20th Birthday with approximately 300 of his close admirers. It was a day of festivities and appreciation for Buckeroo's life long accomplishments to the Miniature Industry.
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Boones Little Buckeroo              
Boones Little Buckeroo
and Alvadars Double Destiny            
   2008 AMHA World Reserve Champion Two Year old Stallion 29" & Under
                          2009 AMHA World Reserve Champion Senior Stallion 29"
                                                      Aka "Joker"
We are totally in love Joker, he has a very good pedigree, and is a full brother to                                         another of our stallions, Collectable Medalion
Joker is sired by National Reserve Grand Champion Stallion and 3 Time World Champion Stallion, "Hunt House Farms Medalion"!!! Medalion has just been sold to Europe. Joker's dam is a daughter of the famous Sids Rebel, Lucky Four Rebels Red N Rosie. Rosie herself was named 2002 AMHA World Reserve Champion also. Sids Rebel is Reserve National Champion 2 different years and is AMHA's Leading Futurity Sire. He has also sired many Supreme Halter horses and National Champions.
Full Brother:
           Ravenwood Collectable Medalion
                           aka Melvin       
Hunt House Farms Medalion       
                                                   Full brother to our  stallion Ravenwood Medalion No Laffin Matter aka Joker

Collectable, aka Melvin, has a unique story with us! as a yearling at the AMHA WORLD SHOW he captured our full attention. OH WOW! I was sitting in the stands when IN HE CAME ! ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT THE ENTIRE SHOW WAS THIS STUD !

He was not for sale at that time, because I followed the trainer right out of the ring to get more info about this beautiful  stallion. He did not win his class but did very well, placing near the top in a very large yearling class. He was perfect. Only problem, he was slightly immature compared to the horse that won, and to me, a yearling stud should look immature...meaning as a older stud he will never get bulky or thick. I would have placed him World Champion.  The next year he was shown by Mike Rosauer and won several top awards throughout the season, but due to tooth bumps he did not attend the World Show, and went home. Long Story short, I was watching the Reece sale and thought I would bid on a pretty little buckskin mare, and WOULD YOU BELIEVE, as I read the footnotes, she was bred to YES, YOU ARE RIGHT--The stud of my dreams ! OH WOW ! Now I got excited. Ravenwood Collectable Medalion had crossed my path yet again, and guess what, I CALLED THE FARM THAT HAD HIM, and purchased him within an hour, as I was told they would consider selling him as they were cutting back, and also have his beautiful full brother who is now showing.
With a personality that everyone would fall in love with, he is best friends with one of our twin 3 year old granddaughters, Kadence.
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