We have devoted much of our life to specializing in the beautiful Buckskin and Dun color
along with intense Buckeroo breeding in our miniature herd.  We feel that it is possible to produce
a top quality miniature horse that has COLOR, PEDIGREE and CORRECT CONFORMATION.  We have
 bred for consistency in our herd while maintaining beautiful baby doll heads, long slender upright necks, and 
level top lines with nice high tail sets.  But along with these special qualities, we still feel a refined correct 
miniature still needs a good chest and great hip to allow for standing correctly on all four legs.We currently 
have a select herd of beautiful buckskin/dun/palomino/perlinos mares. 
                            All our horses are double registered (AMHA & AMHR) and under 34 inches.
                            Our two buckskin stallions – a tiny Buckeroo son “Little Kings Boogie Buckeroo aka Boogie” and                                                                                    “Ravenwoods No Laffin Matter aka Joker”
have been selected for our breeding program to compliment our mares.  These beautiful stallions crossed with our mares that are 99% Buckeroo bred has proven to be an excellent combination of the best pedigrees in the breed today.  We are striving for the “modern” miniature look that people are looking for whether for the show ring or for a top notch breeding program.  
                                          If you are looking for a top quality miniature horse – with proven champion 
                             bloodlines – please contact us or stop in for a visit – we love to talk miniatures to everyone.

                       Prices are subject to change without notice.
If any horse needs to be replaced due to some unforeseen reason, 
                                 farm credit will be issued.
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In 2011 Triple K Planned Perfection & Triple Ks Cinsi's American Legend 2                     received some top US & Canadian awards.
Triple Ks Cinsi's American Legend 2                   
             Triple K Planned Perfection 
           Proudly owned by Cyndi Egbert 
                Elegance In Miniature
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             Triple K Planned Perfection 
                   Pictured with Tamra
 Look at the neck length on this amazing colt
           Proudly owned by Cyndi Egbert 
                Elegance In Miniature
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 Triple K Jokers Dare To Dream    
Triple K Miniatures will be dispersing our beautiful buckskin/dun mares after foaling season this year, As many of you know we have put 20 plus years into making this breeding program a success, we have produced several AMHA World Champions along with AMHR Champions and have proven our top quality horses to many different countries, We will have about 13 mares for sale after foaling, either sold with foal at side and bred back for a 3 in 1 package or the mare bred and ready to go after weaning. We will work with you on many different options. Several of these mares will be bred to the following beautiful bay loud overo stallion ?Sequira Mimis Movie Maker, and we are anxious to see his first foal crop. Please give me a call if you have any questions     701-547-3515