The dam is AMHA RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION and her sire is 
 This filly is a beauty.
Smokey Black Filly

This is another cross with one of our BTU daughters and Ravenwood Medalions No Laffin Matter aka "JOKER". 
We love this cross with our many BTU daughters and Buckeroo bred mares with "JOKER". 
He is for sale and will be double registered.
KMA Miss Bay Watchs BTU
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For those that still like 'em small 
Colt 45 does us proud again as we welcome our newest Billy Idol grandson.
 Dam is the daughter of  Bar B King Buckeroo and  Aloha Acres Magics Velvet & Lace
Buckskin Colt
Need A Web Site
Can make it happen!
Some new snapshots of our little guy from Joker and buck echo feverette, 
this guys dam is the same as Veronicas, Triple K Boogies Mr Echo Man, and Joyous Echo who 
is owned by Kathleen and Frank Sutton, I love this little stud..
I think we will show him this summer at a few shows.
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                Bar B King Buckeroo
He is a National Champion producer and sires exquisite foals. He is triple bred Buckeroo, tracing back to both Komokos Little King Supreme and Little Kings Buckeroo Cameo, the dam to Little Kings White Russian.
Smokey black filly, this filly is from another of our Buckeroo bred mares,   this filly has  potential, she has the looks to show and the movements to compete to the top, This filly will be double registered and is ONE FANCY FILLY!!!!!Sheryll Fike of Fike MIniatures owns her full brother" Triple K Jokers Mr Perfect and his name says it all.
                                  Triple K Boogies I M A Dream Girl
Her sire is Little Kings Boogie Buckeroo our 29 inch buckskin son of the famous"Boones Little Buckeroo" and her dam is B Springhill Midnights Little Dream, a direct daughter of multi world champion Hunt House Farms Medalion, as you know we have been using our little Medalion son"Joker" as an outcross with the Buckeroo pedigree, this cross we did opposite than the others but as you can see it worked just as well, This tiny Dream Girl is going to mature under 30 inches, when you meet her you will fall in love. She has a tiny white star on her forehead.
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               Triple K Boogies BTU Baby Doll
Everyone that knows our breeding program knows how much we love our BTU daughters, 
most of our mares as a matter of fact, but they all have the ability to produce wonderful offspring, 
this foal is from Hosae Farms BTU Beauty Blue and Little Kings Boogie Buckeroo, so this little 
buckskin filly carries the Buckeroo line very strongly. She will mature about 30 inches and is a real darling. 
She will turn golden again as she was at birth, with this new 
hair cut she is dark but daily she is getting more golden. Her name really fits her.
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Triple K Zena's Perfecta
This is a beautiful colt, not sure on his color, 
I think a silver black possibly, His sire is the well known black and white stud
Willow Creeks Dancers Perfecta.
His canon was 7.5 at birth and this guy is really well put together,
consider him for your future show horse and then 
he will show is ability as a top sire.
                                               Perfecta is a son of
FWF Little Wardance out of a Lazy NS Boogerman daughter.
Perfecta sired several National, World and World Grand Champions.
Perfecta consistently produces foals of refinement, elegance & color.
Perfecta’s sire FWF Little Wardance is a legend in his own right,
winning multiple World champion titles. His offspring have won a
 vast number of AMHA World and AMHR National titles and have been
 sought after in the Miniature Horse Industry.
Perfecta’s dam, Grosshill Boogerman’s Perfection, also a very successful
 show horse, winning multiple National Champion titles
Willow Creeks Dancers Perfecta
AMHA: 133053
AMHR: 251164
Sire: Flying W Farm Little Wardance
Dam: Grosshill Boogermans Perfection
Color: Black Pinto